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Our design process follows a structured sequence and defined set of roles and responsibilities. In each phase of the process, we expect variables and unique scenarios. They’re part of any project. It’s our responsibility to anticipate and plan for these to meet each phase’s end goals in the most efficient way possible.

The phases we use include schematic design, design development, working drawings/construction documents, and construction observation. Most architectural firms have similar phases in their process, but the execution, input and flexibility can widely vary. 

As the client, you gain an upfront education on the entire design process and a clear understanding of your role. It involves creativity and realism when it comes to input, prioritizing, selections and decision-making. 

Our process is founded in transparency and communication – elements that are key in establishing trust and challenging ideas and solutions throughout the design process in a healthy, productive way. The end result is an empowered journey of the design process, a financially sound investment that meets your budget, and a project that infuses your vision and enhances your life.

How very soulful. 

...Ashley accompanied us through the entire construction process, maintaining close communication and stopping in frequently to help us make decisions on hardware and furnishings...