Credits: Architectural Photography by Alicia Liebel-Berg from Studio Bismillah


 Functional, Flow AND Future

A Mid-century Modern Home Makes Subtle and Significant Moves to Improve Functionality and Poise for Future Growth

A couple with a baby on the way and two Huskies stepped into this Mid-century Modern home with visions and brought in Mitlyng Design for conversations about functionality, flow and future growth plans. The thoughtful design that emerged significantly transformed the kitchen, master bath and mudroom and improved every space without changing the home’s footprint.  Now, light spills into the kitchen after a wall removal and slight shift of the mudroom door, and reoriented appliances and a generous kitchen island easily make it the home’s hub. Incredibly, a mere six inches borrowed from the mudroom allowed space to bump up to a double vanity and expanded shower in the master bath. The home’s resolved design, warm wood elements and updated foyer-study-sunroom traffic flow makes navigating the home a delight.